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PMU Training Provider

Ongoing education is important for every successful technician. We list only the best permanent makeup training courses to ensure the very best learning experiences.

Customers looking for permanent makeup treatments tend to research their technician carefully. Ultimately your results speak volumes and PMU artists that can demonstrate the best work are much more likely to win customers and be able to charge more for their expertise. Producing these results starts with the right training courses delivered by reputable providers.

There has never been more choice, with hundreds of educators around the world now offering training courses in eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and medical micropigmentation. Other treatments like BB Glow are expanding rapidly and the training courses available are broadening as a result.

However, choosing the right courses and trainers has never been more important as the quality of the learning experience, as well as the level of post-training support, varies significantly.

As supporters and advocates for the permanent makeup industry, we promote only the best training courses that offer great learning experiences and sufficient post-training support to ensure that treatment standards are maintained. Some courses and trainers are better than others, and unfortunately the experience is not always satisfactory, based on feedback we receive from trainees after their courses are complete.

Important considerations, and questions you must ask prior to booking your next training course include the duration of the course, what the balance will be between theory and practical work, how many live models there are and how many trainees will share those models.

Ideally you’re looking for a small class size with a number of models to work on, with a good balance of appropriate theory learning and practical exercises.